Item # ALLOY 875,Other Alloys

Used in kilns and high temperature heaters and resistors.
Alloy Name
Alloy 875 Wire
Size/Diameter (Inches)
0.032 in
0.035 in
0.040 in
0.045 in
0.062 in
0.125 in
Specific Gravity
UNS Number
Size/Diameter (Fraction
1/32 in
3/64 in
1/16 in
1/8 in
Standard Cut Length
Package Size
1 lb
5 lb
10 lb
Typical Analysis
Al - 5.50%
Cr - 22.00%
Fe - REM
Used in kilns and high temperature heaters and resistors.
Note for Non Stock Items
If you need a non-stock item that you do not see, don't worry. We will fabricate it for you. We make custom wire in all diameters and lengths. We can help you with any of the technical questions you may have.
Warranty Clause
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Electrical Resistance
Tensile Strength